Just Because I’m Racking My Brain For Motivational Quotes

Sometimes it feels like it's the end of the world, but it's not. When the world is really ending, you won't have the time to sulk and complain about how discontented you with your life. Things get you down and people disappoint you. That's okay! That's part of life. What's important is life goes on... Continue Reading →


Memorizing Memories

Give me time to memorize the way you speak and roll your eyes In time, I'll be able to tell your jokes as if it were mine And prepare dinner exactly how you want it Because of you, I won't have room in my closet If you can, fill me with memories So I will... Continue Reading →

Be Brave

"Change comes to those who are brave enough to ask for it." Less than a century ago, women in the United States were given the right to vote. Because of their demonstration of courage, women around the world fought for suffrage too. Change wouldn’t have come if they did not have the courage to pursue... Continue Reading →

Creative Constipation

I did not dare write for the last few weeks for I was creatively constipated but like anyone who has been having problems with their bowel movement, I've got to make peace with my vowel movement and get an /ah/ or an /ow/ by doing it. Creative Constipation, because I don't want to call it... Continue Reading →

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