Write Like There’s No Tomorrow

I will write like there's no tomorrow For tomorrow may never be But at least with the time I've been given -- I have written about the things that makes me want to live I will not fear their judgement I will not be weighed on their scales My words will leap over their castles... Continue Reading →


Cloudy Days

We all need cloudy days.

I Don’t Care If Anybody Sees

I used to be ashamed of my mistakes. Until now, I struggle with letting anybody read something that I'm not finished writing. I was embarrassed very easily. I don't know why. Is it because of my self-esteem? Confidence? Introverted personality? Then I realized that some things are really embarrassing and laughable so I'm just going... Continue Reading →

I Have No More Tears

I have no more tears And my throat is dry My nose is stuffed And I cannot cry   All the pain I got Is the reason why I cannot breathe And my lungs are tired   There are things We don't expect From here on out Or in retrospect   If only mothers loved... Continue Reading →

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