If my life was one agonizing essay. You would be a phrase. Often misplaced, misused, and meant to deliver a thought altogether different from the words that made you up. A pre-made thing for one's unforeseen needs. A phrase you could pull out of nowhere when you run out of creative ways to place your... Continue Reading →

A Teacher’s Heart

I'll have my heart broken into tiny little pieces Give it to too many little hands That when you want to get it all for yourself You'd have to go through hopeful little eyes Look at bright tiny smiles Some might have grown older And have grown out of their innocent minds But their bits... Continue Reading →

I Poured Myself On A Piece Of Paper

I poured myself on a piece of paper Whether spilled or spoken it doesn't matter The ink that runs through veins of steel Fastened on free, helplessly reveal I bleed on steady, save me a drop dear paper Whether spilled or spoken it doesn't matter -- Sarah Francisco Sudiacal

So I Would Not Forget

It┬áhas always been tempting to wallow in used-to-bes and might-have-beens. I consciously stop myself from dreaming from time to time, too much dreaming doesn't make you more alive it makes you a ghost, sometimes a zombie. Not that I believe in either of them. Why am I explaining? ┬áHuman beings are so busy believing their... Continue Reading →

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