Can You Throw Yourself Out The Window

Can you throw yourself out the window Will you not look for it Can you stop your feet from stepping out When you have to be still When you want your heart to  stop its beating The rebel does it anyway The ears still hear cruel words that kill And you can't close it like... Continue Reading →

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Roses and Us

Looked at it, stared for a while As I got closer, she painted me a smile She was picked by your hands, so I also picked mine But then I looked at you with a sigh   I was thinking of pulling out those wicked things that hurt But you made me bleed with just... Continue Reading →

Catch and Release

We were like a cat nap A pit stop -- one goes to Refuel and relax Before continuing The long journey ahead   That's what we are A brief moment Of oblivion We are the calm Before the storm   Unfortunately We are not made for Something longer than A moment of bliss Catch and... Continue Reading →

Be My Guest

My soul is an abandoned house Once filled with joy and laughter Accompanied by memories And by you, a lovely stranger You cherished every nook and cranny That the former owners overlooked Instead of a flower, I gave you a garden And of instead a line, I gave you a book I know that it... Continue Reading →

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